So Obama’s opponents tut tut over his comments about the bitterness of some voters in Pennsylvania.  And Obama hits back hard.  Check out the video — he totally nails it at the end.  

This is why I’m supporting this candidate.  Because when the clowns who rule the airwaves think the most important issue of the day is whether a candidate orders coffee or orange juice, we need a leader like Barack Obama who has the ability to cut through the stupid chatter and make real points about real people and real problems.

Regardless of who the Democratic nominee is, the media and the Republicans will make every effort to drum up fake outrage at every opportunity.  We need a candidate who can hit back with charm and power and common sense at the drop of a hat in a YouTube friendly way.

The media and Obama’s opponents would much rather debate the appropriateness of the term “bitter” than discuss McCain’s torture flip flop or McCain’s possible breaking of campaign finance laws or McCain’s failure to support the troops.

But Obama seizes the issue, turns it around, and rubs McCain’s face in his failure to respond to the mortgage crisis.

The trick is making sure that folks are able to actually see and hear Obama’s words.  So feel free to spread this video around — particularly to friends in Pennsylvania.

Hat tip to SusanG for the video link.

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