There is a worm turning in the sands of Mesopotamia..

Instability spreads and spreads..

Update [2008-4-14 14:19:38 by anarchronarchist]: The Iranian government now claims the most recent blast was NOT intentional or a result of terrorism. Perhaps this is true, but it makes sense that they just don’t want to appear vulnerable in general and to limit any sectarian response.

Major bomb attacks in Iran

April 12, 2008
At least eight people were killed and dozens injured when a bomb exploded in a mosque in southern Iran on Saturday, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

Feb. 14, 2007
A booby-trapped car blows up a bus owned by the Revolutionary Guards in Zahedan city in southeast Iran, on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Eleven staff Guards members die and 31 injured.

Jan. 24, 2006
Eight people are killed when bombs rip through a bank and government building in Ahvaz.

Oct. 15, 2005
Twin bomb blasts outside a shopping mall in Ahvaz kill six.

June 12, 2005
A string of bomb attacks in Ahvaz, close to the border with Iraq, and in Tehran kill nine people.

Sept. 16, 1999
A bomb hidden in a garbage can near a Shiite Muslim shrine in Mashhad kills two.

June 2, 1998
An explosion kills three people at an Islamic revolutionary court in Tehran.

June 20, 1994
A bomb rips through the main hall at the Imam Reza shrine in the northeastern city of Mashhad, killing 26.

Aug. 30, 1981
President Mohammed Ali Rajai and Prime Minister Mohammed Javad Bahonar are killed in a bomb blast at the prime minister’s office in Tehran.

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