FALN members pose threat, FBI official says

September 22, 1999_Web posted at: 12:21 a.m. EDT (0421 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Little more than a week after the release from prison of 11 Puerto Rican nationalists following a grant of clemency by President Clinton, a top FBI official has told Congress that the convicted FALN members are terrorists who still pose a threat. I think they’re criminals and terrorists and represent a threat to the United States,” Assistant FBI Director Neal Gallagher told Congress Tuesday, in the FBI’s first public statement on the president’s decision to grant clemency to 16 Puerto Rican nationalists. Although the White House decision to invoke executive privilege prevented the FBI from explicitly describing the Bureau’s recommendation on granting clemency, Gallagher left no doubt where the FBI stood on the issue.
Alright. Let’s play furzball!
Senator Clinton, you’re a gutsy lady. This can’t be easy for you.
Ya know, I’m a woman. And I have sixty years experience as a woman.  
Well, I want to thank you for that. Now  I just want to give you an opportunity  to respond to these allegations that, uh, as FIRST LADY of the United States, when your husband was the PRESIDENT, you supported clemency for FALN, a terrorist group.
I withdrew my support, so, no, I didn’t. Actually, this was done under my husband’s administration and I disagreed with it. I had nothing to do with it and we didn’t have terrorists when Bill and I were in the White House.
Well, we are very grateful for your service. And then you went to New York, didn’t you?    And you won a seat in the New York Senate. Senator Clinton, that’s why 9/11 is so tough for you, isn’t it?
Exactly. I rescued a few hundred people from the towers, and then, I just remember this huge roar, ha, ha,  and they were telling us you better duck because the World Trade Center could fall on you at any moment.  I was so angry.  I just threw my attache case across Ground Zero…
When you read that this unrepenetant terrorist, Bill Ayers, a former member of the WEATHER UNDERGROUND, when he said he wished–let me read it here, Senator.  “I wish we had done more.”  How does that make you feel?
O.k. O.k. Now he made this comment on 9/11–whatever. It was published then.  Senator, what do you think the American people need to ask Obama about his involvement with  a 70’s terrorist who is married to another terrorist? I mean it’s not exactly your typical let’s go duck hunting couple is it?
I’m not going to judge Barack Obama. I don’t know anything about him. No one does. All he’s ever done is been black and give a couple of speeches.
Yes. So it’s fair to ask if he can do anything else.
He’s no McCain.
Johnny’s a great guy, isn’t he? Now, I’m gonna have to ask you to respond to these graffiti artists in San Francisco  who say that your husband pardoned FALN so you could get the  Hispanic vote in New York. This one, “Cinque’sblackandhe’sback,” argues that you shouldn’t bring up Obama’s participation in the Weather people because–
What’s the sound of one hand clapping? It’s not analogous. I was busy helping starving children all over the world. After I made it possible for all of them to eat, I took a nap  And then I officially withdrew my support in a statement.      
So  you didn’t actually have anything to do with the release of the FALN 16, did you? Is the Obama campaign just kinda whining by bringing up this FALN thing?
Ya know. I’m tough. So I’m not going to comment on that.
O.k. So I’ll ask you this: Do you think Obama is a terrorist?
How would I know? He has said he is not a terrorist.  So, no, no,no!  I have no proof that he did any of these bombings with his friends and fundraisers in the Weather _Underground.
Let me ask it this way: Do you think that Obama’s close ties with a former domestic terrorist will continue to be  an issue for the American people?
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