I’m back from door-hanging in Coatesville, PA. Now, that is one town that is going to come out and vote in force for Barack Obama. A third of the homes have Obama signs, as do a quarter of the storefronts. It looks like it is the Obama headquarters’ ambition to hang a sign on the doorknob of every identified Obama voter in Chester County. And, given the turnout at headquarters, they just might come close to accomplishing their objective. CabinGirl and AP are still in the field, this time in West Goshen, PA. At headquarters they are pushing hard to get everyone to do two shifts. They’ve got a spread of baked zitis, franks and beans, lots of desserts. It’s a hive of activism.

We are going to pull every last vote out of this county. Even people that didn’t register to vote in time were pulling over their cars and coming out of their homes to ask how to register and telling us they’d be there in November.

This is the most sophisticated organization I have ever seen, and the most energetic since Kerry’s organization in the 2004 general election. But this is a primary. And people are totally aware and chomping at the bit to go out and cast a vote for change.

I don’t know how things are going up in Scranton, but I can’t imagine Clinton’s people are working this hard.

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