Crazy ass turnout bodes well for Obama. I’m hearing that turnout is especially high in African-American and affluent white precincts, just as I predicted.

Turnout at the Pennsylvania polls is “sky-high, much greater than usual” as voters in the Keystone State cast ballots in today’s closed watched presidential primary.

In the city and the suburbs, voters streamed to the polls at a rapid clip.

Will it be Obama or Clinton? Who will grab most of the state’s 158 Democratic delegates? Will there be a record voter turnout?

“It’s impossible to quantify so early, but the anecdotal information is telling us there is definitely high turnout,” said Zack Stalberg, president and CEO of the election watchdog group the Committee of Seventy.

Pennsylvania’s Democratic presidential primary is being scrutinized across the nation. Clinton and Obama have criss-crossed the state for six-weeks, each confident of a victory that will carry them to the party’s nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Denver in late August.

“It’s been a mob scene,” said David Lipson, a Democratic committeeman in Upper Merion Township just before noon. Lipson said an overwhelming number of new voters had cast ballots at the Roberts Elementary School.

It’s gonna be a nailbiter.

Update [2008-4-22 17:47:33 by BooMan]: CNN early Exit Polls show Obama getting 92% of the black vote. That is substantially higher than predicted in any of the polls. For example, Survey USA predicted 87%.

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