I’ve been reading various commentators who assure us that Clinton’s campaign received 100,000 donations after PA.

Okay. Let’s accept that. Let’s take that at face value and forget Tuzla and NAFTA and all the other lies. Let’s pretend that’s a fact.

How does 100,000 donations become $10 million dollars?

Only if 100,000 people give $100 each.

Does anyone here think her poor, blue-collar base and elderly women are capable of that, en masse? I sure don’t.

I also noticed Tuesday night that to get to her campaign Web site, you first had to go to a page begging you to contribute $5.

So I’m thinking – why would I give $100 if someone is only asking for $5, especially if I’m in some rural area where refueling the car is now 20% of my household budget? Why would I fork over money I need to feed my children if the campaign would be pleased as punch if I just gave $5?

I just bet her campaign is “projecting” that amount based on “average” donors. But since she has many big money donors who have maxed out, this is a bad measure, as they can’t contribute another $100, and therefore shouldn’t be allowed in any average.

And come May – you just watch. It will turn out she raised maybe the original figure of $3.5 million, total. I’d be surprised if even that is accurate, given how little she raised last month.

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