The title to this describes how I feel. Both about the election, the state of the world, and my own personal state. Indeed, I’m angry, sad, anxious, and apathetic all rolled into one. This is what happens in an election year generally, because nothing of any substance can or does get done, but compared to previous election years in my lifetime, this election year is a 20 on the Richter scale, a 5000 foot tall Tsunami, a comet on a collision course with with North America, a — insert your own hyperbolic metaphor here.

If I were a rapture ready kind of guy, I’d assume the apocalypse was nearing completion, and that the Antichrist already walks among us. But I can’t say we are all suffering from Satan’s massive demonic plot. For we have done this to ourselves.

The Democratic Party is exposed as a pack of fools and cravens, generally, liberally mixed with a few good souls and a few deranged obsessive power mad junkies. The Republicans are even worse, praying for violence and endless wars at home and abroad. The media — well what can one say about the stupidity, cowardice, ignorance, misogyny, racism and arrogance of the Journalmaleficism crowd that hasn’t already been said and re-said a million times before. Think of them as a plague of vultures, or a pack of jackals on steroids, ever ready, willing and able to catapult the propaganda.

Perhaps it’s just that I woke up too early today, and spent the morning running from one crisis to another which I had not anticipated last night, but today my angst is showing, and it’s not a pretty sight. People are dying from lack of health care and/or the decisions of health insurance companies to deny them care, people are losing their homes and jobs and savings, the world continues down the path to an ever hotter future with droughts and food shortages and strange weather everywhere, fuel prices have hit the stratosphere and are headed for Mars, the financial world is teetering on the edge of disaster, and our politics is filled, not with discussions on how to solve all these pressing concerns and imminent disasters, but with fruitless debates about ultimately trivial matters, with political hacks of every stripe (but skunks each and everyone of them) focused on personal attacks that redefine the the term “lowest common denominator” each day, if not each hour.

So forgive me but I’m going to escape for a while and spend my time watching the NFL draft this afternoon. Not because it is anything important or significant, but at least it offers an escape for a little while from thoughts of our country’s ongoing economic and moral meltdown.

Good luck with whatever your plans for the day may be.

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