In the category of it should go without saying:

“We keep talking as if it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter that Obama gets 92 percent of the black vote, because since he only got 35 percent of the white vote, he’s in trouble,” [Majority Whip Jim] Clyburn said. “Well, Hillary Clinton only got 8 percent of the black vote. . . . It’s almost saying black people don’t matter. The only thing that matters is how white people respond. And that’s what bothered me. I think I matter.”

I don’t really care anymore how long this primary goes on. Obama’s got it in the bag, and all that remains to be seen is how gracelessly the Clintons bow out. I’ve pretty much given up on any kind of noble gesture on their part.

“If you have any, any kind of loyalty to the Democratic Party, perhaps you need to rethink your strategy and bow out gracefully in order to save this party from a disastrous end in November,” Rep. William Lacy Clay (Mo.), an African American Obama supporter, said in an appeal to Clinton.

They obviously don’t have any kind of loyalty to the Democratic Party. They also don’t have any respect for black people, black churches, or the black vote. So be it. I never really had any respect for the Clintons anyway. This primary just confirmed and solidified my instinct to oppose them politically with whatever I’ve got.

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