In the past several weeks after Hillary’s debacle on Super Tuesday, the Clinton have lashed out at Obama at each and every available opportunity, using lies, distrtions and outright Republican talking points that they experienced at one time.

The virulence of their statements is not normal.There is an underlying pathology that I have been trying to discover.It came to me as I saw Rep.James Clyburn along with Nancy Pelosi warning the Clintons not to cross the line.

News reports also say that immediately after the South Carolina primary, Bill Clinton called james Clyburn and raged at him over the telephone for FIFTY minutes!

That told me that the Clintons felt humiliated by the massive defeat they suffered at the hands of a newcomer to Presidential politics that they had dismissed at one time.

It was payback time for the Clintons.

What was worse from their standpoint is that Barack,in analyzing our current economic and political plight, held the Clintons responsible for creating the bubble economy of the 1990s in collusion with Alan Greenspan.Obama was not willing to lay the blame solely at the feet of the Republicans.He was also clear about the political culture where lobbyists controlled the discourse.That was also a dig at the Clintons.

This is why Hillary’s gloves came off and she was off on a mad fury at Obama.

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