I wish MSM would stop pretending that Senator Barack Obama is running for the democratic nomination. I know it’s politically correct to hide a black revolutionary behind a button-down shirt and white grandparents, but it does the American public no service.

As long as  the American public continues to be fooled into thinking it is voting for Obama, it can be  misled into voting for Wright. Obama’s more reasonable posture about racial relations, connections with leaders on both sides, speeches urging Americans of all stripes to bridge divisions, and his appealing policies could gain a real foothold among both black and white voters.

Furthermore, HRC talking “obliterate” and McCain singing “bomb, bomb, bomb” Iran, makes them look hella scary. But if the American public knew their REAL rival loves Farrakhan and hates  America, they’d sound like the voices of sanity.  
Let’s face it, the McCain Keating association, HRC’s unsavory past with all its “Gates” and financial shenanigans and impeachment–Obama has none of this baggage.  But remember: OBAMA IS NOT THE ONE WE NEED TO VET!  

So far, Obama hasn’t denounced America or rattled nukes at Iran. He’s looking like a pretty viable candidate against Clinton, and as though he could beat McCain, given that he offers an alternative to Bush.

So we must demand that  Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, Nora O’Donell, and Joe Scarborough stop mincing words. Stop using euphemisms like “associate, “spiritual advisor,” “political liability.”

OBAMA is the associate. OBAMA is the advisee. OBAMA is Wright’s only   political asset. But at the end of the day,  WRIGHT is the ONE ON THE BALLOT!    

What will a PASTOR PRESIDENCY look like?  

How bout some old black guy dancing around in a dashiki using subversive word-play and FOUL LANGUAGE in the oval office?

Edward Kennedy and Susan Eisenhower and Bill Richardson and John Kerry and Bill Bradley can say they have endorsed Obama all they want.  You know they HEART Rev Wright!

Ask yourself this: do I want Pastor Wright to answer the red phone at 3 a.m.? Sure, HRC might get bitchy and obliterate the  caller’s country, and McCain might bomb,bomb,bomb…

But the Pastor will deliver an OFFENSIVE sermon. You don’t think the most reasonable foreign lunatic would hesitate to  launch a missile just to put a stop to Wright’s  G.D. PREACHING?

Don’t let your respect for Obama or his politics get in your way. Whatever anyone tells you, a vote for Obama is not a vote for Obama.

Maybe democrats can run Obama in 2012, but right now he’s only going along with the masquerade to make his preacher pal look good.

Wright for U.S. President–NOT!

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