When Obama dealt a blow to Hillary Clinton by sweeping the contests on super Tuesday, Clinton was confronted by the collapse of her cherished fantasies.The first of these fantasies was,of course, her idea that she was a shoo in as the Democratic nominee.She had based her entire drive for the nomination on winning the big states and raising monstrous sums from big donors providing a big barrier to the entry of any challenger.She fully expected John Edwards to be the challenger and was seen cozying up to him at the end of one of her debates.

When Obama exploded this fantasy on February 5, she had a situation that she had never even thought about before.Here was a biracial candidate, a Harvard Law School graduate no less, who was able to outraise her in funding mainly through small donors.This is the “gusher” she decsribed alternately mixing fear with loathing.Obama’s strategy of contesting all 50 states also challenged one of the props of the Clinton candidacy that Democrats needed to hold on to the so called Blue States only and leave the southern and western states to the Republicans.By contesting in the Western and Southern states, Barack Obama was able to garner a large number of delegates and come out ahead of Hillary Clinton in the Delegate count.

Having lost the Super Tuesday primaries and outmaneuvered by a newcomer when her sights were fixated on Edwards, she was left with the only alternative open to an ambitious American politician,i.e race baiting.

In America, a man is called black if he has only one drop of black blood.The fact Barack was raised by his White Grandparents and his mother was a white teenager did not matter.Mrs.Clinton set about to exploit this American hangup and send coded messages questioning Barack’s patriotism, his religious affiliation and his supporters.He was also tainted with the label of terrorism,the modern day equivalent of the Communist label in the McCarthy era.

Mrs.Clinton is now questioning the idea if a man who can gather black votes is really legitimate as though, as Rep.James Clyburn said, she is saying that black voters don’t count.Her drumbeat that she is the one who can mobilize the white women voters and elderly voters is a clue to the steady deterioration of her moral standing among the electorate.She is now reduced to parroting the idea tha winning at all costs is the only thing that matters.

Even with that limited definition, she has a hard time because her ability to convince the electorate at large remains tenuous.The world is tired of her and Bill’s many permutations and combinations.

As a war monger, she has been keeping a self-enforced silence on how the war has unraveled the entire economy of the US and caused untold hardship for not just the middle and lower classes in this country but brought millions of people around the world to starvation because of the rapid inflation in food grain prices.Her rejmedy for the mortgage and liquidity crisis is to appoint a commission consisting of Greenspan, Rubin and Bernanke,the same perps who caused this crisis in the first place.

On all matters large and small, she has successfully concealed her true intent as  Straussian is expoected to do.Her defeat is critical for all progressive Democrats.

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