I think the outcry in the blogosphere about Barack Obama appearing (after a 700+ day boycott) on Fox News Sunday is one of the most stunning displays of self-indulgent foolishness since the Reverend Jeremiah Wright appeared at the National Press Club. Yes, I agree that a 100% boycott will marginalize FOX News and undermine their credibility, and eventually their audience. But they do carry the highest ratings in cable news and Obama’s opponent intends to take advantage of it.

Fox News confirmed that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) will make her first-ever appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor.” The interview will air in two parts over Wednesday’s and Thursday’s programs.

It will be conducted in South Bend, Ind., by host Bill O’Reilly. The Drudge Report had a banner headline proclaiming the news.

The entire FOX News enterprise is dishonest and corrupt, but Bill O’Reilly is the worst of the worst. This is a man that committed unforgivable acts of workplace sexual harassment, including calling a female employee at home and masturbating during their conversation.

If you can’t boycott Bill O’Reilly’s show, you really have no solidarity with victims of sexual harassment whatsoever. Or is all okay because O’Reilly paid an estimated 10 million dollars to erase his record as a predatory pervert?

In the long run, Democrats need to come together and show a united front against FOX News. But there can’t be a unilateral boycott by one candidate if another candidate is going to use the network’s highest rated and most disreputable show to reach out to voters.

Update [2008-4-29 16:22:7 by BooMan]: For clarity, because some people are missing my point…

I support a 100% boycott of FOX News, but only if all candidates abide by it. However, its absurd to throw a tantrum whenever Barack Obama doesn’t follow our assigned strategy.

Secondly, my beef with appearing on The O’Reilly Factor is separate and distinct from my beef with appearing on FOX News in general. No one who opposes sexual harassment should have anything to do with Bill O’Reilly. It doesn’t matter that his show is biased, that’s not the distinction I am making. What matters is that he is a creep of the highest order.

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