Strauss,of course, is the philosopher-Godfather of the Neocons.His worldview was unremittingly hostile to the Untermenschen of the world,despite the fact Strauss himself was an escapee from Nazi Germany.

The basic outline of Strauss’ world view can be summarized as follows:

1.Only certain people,the Nobles, are endowed with the brain power to rule the world.These people know that the world is a battle ground where an unblinking and merciless approach toward others is needed.

2.The Nobles are permitted to rule by deception, hiding their true intent with Noble Lies.

3.The purpose of the state is to wage perpetual wars that will permit the weeding out of the lower classes and elevate the Nobles further.

Looking at Mrs.Clinton’s recent performance, she,of course, believes that Barack Obama is less endowed than either her or John McCain to be the “Commander in Chief”.

Her lies about encountering sniper fire falls under the Noble Lies rubric which serves to advance her agenda.

Her advocacy of war against Iran and her earlier support of war against Iraq are part of the perpetual war theme of Strauss.Because only the lower classes in our society are required to lose their life and limbs in these wars,the third leg of the trinity is satisfied by her support for wars.And,of course, when she gleefully talks about “obliterating” the Iranian people, she is projecting her unblinking and merciless Straussian persona to the world.

Her constant preoccupation with war, death and hegemony leads me to believe that Mrs.Clinton is now morally and politically bankrupt.Defeating her will be the only way the Democratic Party can resurrect itself from its abject supporting role in Bush’s tyranny.

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