Democrats Registering In Record Numbers

The past seven states to hold primaries registered more than 1 million new Democratic voters; Republican numbers mainly ebbed or stagnated. North Carolina and Indiana, which will hold their presidential primaries on May 6, are reporting a swell of new Democrats that triples the surge in registrations before the 2004 primary.

The contest between Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama has engaged enough new voters to change the political makeup of the country, experts say. The next several months — and the general election in November — will reveal the extent of the shift. Is it a temporary increase in interest resulting from a close election between historic candidates? Or is it a seismic swing in party realignment that foretells the end of the red-blue stalemate?

A few more months of this sort of destruction and we could be looking at a fifty state blow out. Doesn’t anyone wonder why the media is trying to shut down this contest?

Maybe they don’t favor one candidate over another. Maybe it is just the spectacle of millions of Democrats coming out to reclaim their country that puts the fear of God into them.

Maybe we respect the process, seems to be working pretty well.

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