Here’s a piece of a dismaying article from McClatchy:

WASHINGTON — John McCain dropped a little-noticed bombshell into his March foreign-policy address: Boot Russia from the G-8, the elite club of leading industrial democracies whose leaders try to coordinate economic policies.

One major problem: He can’t do it because the other G-8 nations won’t let him.

But the fact that he’s proposing to try, risking a return to Cold War tensions with the world’s second-largest nuclear power after 20 years of prickly partnership, raises questions about McCain’s judgment. It also underscores that many of his top foreign-policy advisers are of the same neo-conservative school that promoted the war in Iraq, argue for a tougher stance toward Iran and are skeptical of negotiating with North Korea over its nuclear program.

Since no single G-8 Nation can kick out another, and since a consensus on dismissing Russia is not likely, one wonders why McCain would even make such a ploy. Perhaps he is under the influence of the same NeoCons who got us into Iraq through seriously misleading means, or who want to do the same in Iran. If so, when the Democrats run on the Campaign tome that a McCain election would mean a third Bush term, it is not at all far-fetched.

Perhaps he thinks he would be sending Russia a message that would jolt Putin and friends into an enforced agreement with American Foreign Policy. Perhaps he just doesn’t like Putin (we know his buddy Holy Joe Lieberman doesn’t).

I can’t think of a better reason NOT to vote for McCain and to elect Obama, who is determined to begin with diplomacy before threatening force.

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