Yeah, for the curious – a mini diary. They are still counting the votes. In tiny Guam, even though they cannot vote in the General Election, (is that true?) Reuters is reporting record numbers participated. Results were expected at 1:00 PM EDT, but the complete count. due to heavy turnout, won’t be available until later.

Reuters: It’s huge turnout- over 5,000 people took part compared to only 1,500 during the last primary in 2004.

Guam Pacific Daily News: Results from 18 of 23 Districts counted; Obama maintains his lead.

5:40 a.m. — After 18 districts counted, Obama has 1,720 votes; Clinton at 1,509

After 18 districts have been counted, Sen. Barack Obama maintains about 54 percent of the vote, leading Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Democratic caucus. One of the largest districts, Dededo, still hasn’t been counted toward the total vote, however. The other two districts yet to be counted are Agat and Yona.

Obama got 37 votes in Ordot, 19 in Maina, 151 in Inarajan, 46 in Asan, 55 in Chalan Pago, 87 in Santa Rita, 102 in Mongmong-Toto-Maite, 28 in Hagåtña, 158 in Barrigada, 36 in Merizo, 49 in Piti, 131 in Sinajana, 108 in Agana Heights, 194 in Sinajana, 192 in Tamuning, 27 in Umatac, 76 in Talofofo and 224 in Yigo for a total of 1,496 votes.

Sen. Hillary Clinton took 18 votes in Ordot, 22 in Maina, 87 in Inarajan, 33 in Asan, 87 in Chalan Pago, 73 in Santa Rita, 81 in Mongmong-Toto-Maite, 29 votes in Hagåtña, 166 in Barrigada, 33 in Merizo, 51 in Piti, 89 in Sinajana, 105 in Agana Heights, 155 in Mangilao, 193 in Tamuning, 24 in Umatac, 52 in Talofofo and 211 in Yigo for a total of 1,298 votes.

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[Update] Guam Pacific Daily News

6:30 a.m. — Clinton must win Dededo by 204 votes to overtake Obama

With only Dededo left to count, Sen. Barack Obama leads Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Democratic caucus…[.] Dededo is Guam’s most populous village.

Obama: 1,951

Clinton: 1,748

[UPdate 2] Guam Pacific Daily News

8:50 a.m. – Obama wins close race, beats Clinton on Guam

When all of the ballots were finally counted — a process that lasted through the night until well after the sun was up — Sen. Barack Obama had the most votes from Guam Democrats in the party’s caucus held yesterday.

Obama finished with 2,264 votes to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s 2,257 votes – a 7-point difference. Obama never trailed from the first vote count on.

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