The Guam caucus took place today/yesterday and the results are almost complete.

After 18 districts have been counted, Sen. Barack Obama maintains about 54 percent of the vote, leading Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Democratic caucus. One of the largest districts, Dededo, still hasn’t been counted toward the total vote, however. The other two districts yet to be counted are Agat and Yona.

That will result in an even split of pledged delegates, however. The more important result is this:

In the race for chairman/vicechairman, the team of Pilar Lujan/Jaime Paulino has 1,299 votes in the 18 counted districts. Antonio Charfauros/Mary Ann Cabrera have 653 total votes and the team of Joseph Artero Cameron/Arlene P. Bordallo has 967 votes

Lujan is uncommitted, but Paulino is an Obama supporter. The Artero/Bodallo ticket would have resulted in 2 delegates for Clinton. So, at a minimum, Obama is assured of a wash from Guam, with a potential for a two delegate pick-up.

Ron Paul prefers (but does not endorse) Barack Obama to John McCain because of McCain’s foreign policy. The question is whether Paul’s supporters will break for Bob Barr, or whether they will break for Obama.

Obama picked up the endorsement of the New Mexico state party chair, which extends the trend of the Enchanted State establishment favoring the O-Man. Waiting for Tom Udall to chime in…

In Maryland, the add-on delegates were announced.

The Maryland Democratic Party has chosen two new delegates, former Gov. Parris Glendening and former Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, who will get a vote in the party’s presidential nomination…

Townsend is a Clinton supporter, and Glendening is supporting Obama.

Obama gave a speech in Indianapolis today, while Hillary Clinton pandered in Wake Forest, North Carolina with her almost uniformly panned gas-tax holiday plan.

Over 300,000 people have already voted in North Carolina, and 80% of them voted in the Democratic primary.

Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal will stump for Obama in Montana.

There’s a special election in Louisiana’s Sixth District today (polls close at 8 pm Central Time). While I am not a big fan of the Democrat’s positions on immigration and abortion, it’s important to see whether or not the GOP can succeed in their effort to demonize Barack Obama and tie him unfavorably to southern Democrats.

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