Newt Gingrich is sending out the call to the Republicans in Congress: ‘You’re about to get decimated.’ Check out his plan to stave off defeat. What do you think? Somehow I don’t think a GPS air traffic control system, attacks on labor unions, and a reform of the way we do the census is going to be of much help. The Gas Tax holiday and selling some of the strategic petroleum reserve have more potential populist power, but are already seen as counterproductive by nearly all economists. I guess a focus on judges could help shore up their base, but their base is too small. And a campaign to make English the official language of the United States will only underscore how out of touch the Republicans are with the concerns of average Americans.

If I were Gingrich, I’d tell them to adopt environmentalism and run pro-choice religiously moderate, anti-war candidates. Those are the issues that are killing Republicans all over the North and on the coasts. And free trade is killing them everywhere else.

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