Hello Hello-I Don’t Know Why You Say Goodbye I Say Hello.

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And the dream ends.

This version, anyway.

This act.


Read on.
All media appearances canceled today?

LOTS of backroom action in progress. Bet on it.

Lots of people now talking down Obama’s chances against McCain.

She must decide…now…whether to:

1-Try to get the Vice-Presidency. (If Obama will have her, of course. Her presence on the ticket almost definitely guarantees a win, y’know, a big enough win to count as a coattail-grabbing landslide for lots of Dems, and those Dems will be looking for assurances. I think that she will do it if Obama will make some serious promises about an expanded role, and I further think that he will feel some serious pressure from some serious players to do so. There are literally trillions of dollars at stake here. Remember…it’s all about the money when you get right down to it. Obama, Clinton, McCain, Bush….same same. Different interests all betting that it will be THEIR money that predominates. At this level it is ALL about the money. If the money prospers, Americans prosper. That’s the theory upon which this whole system is working, anyway. Is it right? Correct in its understanding of how human society really functions? Historically? It has been “right” for all of recorded human history. The guy who’s gonna acquire the most goats gets to be the real boss no matter who sits in the Chief’s chair. As above, so below. Bet on it. )

2-Make good on her not very enthusiastic sounding promises to “support the Democratic candidate no matter who it is” and remain a force in the Senate with an eye towards 2012 if Obama stumbles or a possible important cabinet position if he wins. I personally doubt the 2012 idea. If she ran and won in 2012 she would be eyeing an 8 year Presidency, and in 2020 she will be about 75 years old. She knows the stresses of that office from the inside. Do you really think that she wants to be hauling her already rapidly expanding butt around the world dealing with dangerous predators like Vladimir Putin at 75? I don’t.)


3-Take some sort of action against Obama, action that could include a range that stretches from simply going neutral and essentially sitting the rest of this process out right across the board to pulling some sort of Liebermanesque jog to the right, including the (admittedly remote) possibility of running on the McCain ticket.

All options are open.

May you be born into interesting times.


P.S. I watched her speech last night.

I do not normally feel “sorry” for Bill Clinton…he has led a life my friends, a life that is great novel level material…but as he stood behind her last night he looked so sad for his wife. For both of them, really. It was the end of an overarching dream after being this close. Now those of you who are kneejerk Clinton haters will most certainly mock this idea but they are human beings just like you and me, with dreams and goals and validity to their lives, and they have fought as well as they knew how to fight for what they believe. Fought with the tactics that got them there in the first place. They are NOT demons nor are they villains in any sense of the word.

They just got a little…old.

I mean…Mommy DID make a dead serious run at the Presidency, right? And Daddy did a pretty good job in that esteemed office until he messed up.


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So it goes.


We shall see.

We shall SOON see.

Bet on it.

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