During the Watergate investigation, the shadowy Deep Throat advised Woodward and Bernstein to “Follow the money”.  If we took that advice today, with the Hillary camp, what would we find?
We would find a raft, a herd, a veritable jungle of High Priced Consultants.  These include

  • Mark Penn – 10 Mill plus
  • Harold Ickes – into the 7 figure range
  • Carville – no idea, but I’m sure it’s good money
  • Laney Guinier – again, big bucks

These people are telling Hillary the kind of advice that dropped her from the sure, certain win she had in January to the distant second place she is in now.  They make big bucks.  

If Hillary quits, the paychecks end.  

So, if you were a High Priced Real Talented Political Pro, what would you do?  Same thing as them – “You go, girl.  You’re in it to win it!! You can do it!!!  You are so brave and true, Hillary, that you will win somehow!!!!! !! !!!! Is it payday today?”

That’s what’s going on, folks.  She is being advised to continue to run by people making big, big money by her following that advice.  

Is this good for the Democrats, instead of Harold Ickes?  Nope. Harold and Laney and James win big, and the rest of us lose.

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