In a reply to my comment on Real History Lisa’s fine post regarding the death of the so-called “DC Madam” (One of the ‘last people’ to see the DC Madam alive…), Bootribber martini wrote:

What’s your take on the NYC fashion geek’s TShirts that asks “Who shot Obama?” ?

Seems there’s good reason to call those shirts tasteless, but they do also make people review the situation in their mind; determine “NO ONE!” as the answer; and possibly also leave people a bit more alert to the risk that Obama runs, if he is elected.

(The answer should remain “no one!!”)

What steps, other than something like that TShirt, would you think are best for average citizens to consider taking?

This got me to thinking…out of the box, as is my habit and perhaps (God help me) my only true talent…and I wrote the following. It grew too large to be a simple reply, so I am posting it here as a stand-alone post.

Read on if you are interested.
What “steps” are best for average citizens to consider taking in this regard?

No steps. None are possible other than the following idea. No steps other than stepping away from the media with their brains in the air. No steps other than refusing to cooperate in the sham society on whatever level is humanly possible for each individual. The control mechanism that allows people to get away with massive scams is too strong for other “steps” to have any effect whatsoever.

Scams like the Blood For Oil/Iraq War “mistake”, the credit “mistake” (It wasn’t a mistake if you were one of the thousands and thousands of people who grew obscenely rich on it.), the ascension of Bush II to the White House through vote fraud “mistake”, the defeat of Bill Clinton through an intel-style honeytrap “mistake”, the ongoing Big Pharma/Dr. Big Brother/Big Insurance “mistake” into which every  candidate has bought on a cellular level (You think they are not ALL on some sort of meds just to get through the campaign? Except for maybe Obama who is still relatively young and strong? You think? Please. FORGET their tax returns. I want to see their medical reports. The steroids scandal in sports? You think that’s as far as it goes? Please. Steroids for the brain, steroids for the emotions. ALL as harmful as those for the body, all as potentially disastrous. Bet on it. Someone with a noggin full on Big Pharma meds with their numb finger on the little red button when that 3 AM phone call comes in? YIKES!!!), the B.C.C.I/Iran-Contra/senile Reagan “mistake”, the Watergate “mistake”, the various oh-so-regrettable assassination “mistakes”, the crack epidemic “mistake” that absolutely decimated the working class urban black culture of this country when it was the single strongest existing societal opponent of this rotted-out system…pace, Rev. Wright…the “mistake” of a cultural and educational system that shrinkwraps peoples’ souls with video games, so-called reality shows and really bad music, the food industry “mistake” that malnourishes about 98% of the population, the ARRRRGH “mistake” that hamstrung Dean in ’04 and opened the way for the Small K kerry “mistake” to happen…

All brought to you courtesy of the strongest control mechanism ever put in place in a society, the modern American media.

If those who are in control of that media want to assassinate Barack Obama…he’s gone, baby.

Kiss him goodbye.

Color him gone.

There will be no burning cities or riots like there were after assassinations the ’60s and ’70s. The media now puts out fires BEFORE they start. They’re that good. Bet on it. They managed to put over that 2000 election scam? That’s all that you will ever need to know. Further proof? The masterful buildup to the Iraq “shock and awe” invasion. The majority of Americans…of ALL races, religions, cultures and economic classess, up and down the spectrum…have been totally hypnotized by the media. It’s over. Over until a massive mistake on a pan-societal level crashes the system, if such a thing ever happens. A country-wide Katrina of some sort, either economically, ecologically and/or militarily caused.

And who IS in control of that system?

Up, down and sideways?

Please do a simple google search of the term “Operation Mockingbird”. If of course you are brave enough to risk going onto Homeboy Security’s ever-expanding enemies list.

Who is in control?

The police force that works for…and to some degree has actually taken over.. the existing corporate ruling structure of the most militarily powerful empire ever to exist on the planet Earth.

The MASSIVE secret police system in place here that makes the Gestapo and the KGB look like the Keystone Kops.

What steps should the “average citizen” be taking?

To wake the fuck up, for starters.




CULTURESTRIKE!!!, for that matter.

Will they?

The “average citizens”?

I doubt it.

Will you, martini?

You who says of the Who Shot Obama t-shirts  “Seems there’s good reason to call those shirts tasteless?”

They are not “tasteless”.


They are an example of what happens when people are NOT quite so media-sleepled.

I have been quite open in conversations with a number of well-meaning people regarding my take that Obama is walking a very thin line between reassuring the masters that he will not rock the boat too far and receiving a bullet in the head as a reward for his efforts, and so far every time that I have broached this idea to those nice people I have received essentially  the same reaction. A rolling of the eyes up and away to the left…away from confronting this quite real possibility…and some blurted form of  “Oh NO!!! I cannot be thinking this way!!!”

Media hypnotism already in play.

As if the people who run things here…REALLY run things…are not capable of killing hundreds of thousands if not millions in their quest for power.

“NYC fashion geeks?”

Is that who is buying these shirts?

I think not.

One owner of the Obama T-shirt, Amy Weinstein, stated that she had purchased the shirt in order to “`challenge those who are wholly preoccupied with Obama’s color, which has zero relevance to the election campaign, and to awaken the American public to this very ugly reality.”

It looks to me as if they are being bought and worn by people are trying to awaken a sleeping public to the lies of the media.

Your take on the thing is ITSELF media-propelled, martini.

“Fashion geeks” are involved with…other things. Fairly shallow things, mostly.

“Who Shot Obama” is DEEP.

Deep politics in a time of deep water.

May you be born into interesting times.

And may you learn to swim in deep waters.





The only resistances still available.

Always outnumbered, always outgunned?

Resist within.



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