Democrats are fascist appeasers like Neville Chamberlain. Republicans, on the other hand, are people who believe Nazis were the agents God used to force “spiritually dead” Jews back to Israel where they belong so Armageddon can occur in the Middle East. Or at least Republican politicians like John McCain are willing to accept the endorsement of conservative Christians such as Pastor Hagee who preaches that Hitler and the Holocaust was all part of God’s divinely inspired plan to bring about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. See and hear it for yourself:

And McCain sycophant Joe Lieberman is best buds with Hagee, too. Wonder what Jiltin Joe thinks about Pastor Hagee’s idea that Hitler was simply God’s own final solution for soulless, Jesus forsaking Jews? Oh well, each of them has the hots to nuke Iran and its Islamofascist Menace, so I guess that justifies overlooking a few minor theological differences.

Hey, at least Hagee isn’t some crazy black minister who hates America like Jeremiah Wright. Hagee, after all, is a white guy, and in America, that makes all the difference between whether you are an insane, evil traitor to our country or merely a revered, respected and influential religious figure beloved by all right thinking, full blooded Americans.

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