You know those math problems where they ask you to solve the progression?


What’s next for Clinton? Calling him a n*gger? I don’t accept her ‘June’ explanation because the 1968 nomination was not decided until late August at the convention. If she is trying to make a case for staying in the contest until June it would make sense to point out that the race in 1968 lasted until August, not June. It’s also not the first time she’s referred to the RFK assassination as a reason for her to stay in the race. This was no slip of the tongue. It has been a talking point with her since early March. And, as I have already pointed out, it makes no difference now whether she is campaigning or not, she already has secured the second most delegates. If Obama is killed or embroiled in scandal, Clinton has the strongest claim to the nomination right now and further campaigning can only harden Obama delegates against her candidacy at any brokered convention. Her argument makes no sense. Therefore, I cannot grant her the benefit of the doubt in this case. Her argument makes no rational sense and it was not a slip of the tongue. She has intentionally raised the specter of assassination, and she has no decent excuse for it. The best I can say for her is that all she was doing was making a magnificently disingenuous argument. And that’s being very generous.

She also needs to redo her apology so that it includes Barack and Michelle Obama and their two daughters.

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