At the height of the War on Vietnam,Nixon went on the air to explain the logic of expanding the war to Cambodia.One of his reasons was that he wanted to erase the perception of the US becoming a pitiful helpless giant as the Vietnamese were inflicting heavy casualties on US Forces despite the US superiority in weapons.

It is that same attitude that has drawn us once again into a never ending war in Asia.The war has clearly not been won despite the many apologists claiming we are winning the war.What is worse is that the Iraqis are improvising their asymmetric warfare techniques which include fabricating their EFPs at home and deploying them against heavily armored tanks.At the same time the costs of our high technology force keep rising,not a little due to the explosive increase in the price of petroleum.If the war was planned to give us energy self sufficiency, it has had a disastrous effect on our economy.Imperialism has met its match: the Law of Unintended Consequences.

If we were not a pitiful helpless giant before the Iraq War started,we are one now.

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