First off, I’ve updated my earlier post on contact info for the Democratic leadership, “We Can Call Them” with new email addys and fax numbers and website links provided courtesy of our members. Take a bow all who collected and provided that information, you know who you are.

Second, a big shout out to John Aravois of Americablog for calling for Clinton to quit, and for the Dem Leadership to give her a push if she won’t do it voluntarily. I’ve had my run-ins with John in the past, but I am very proud of the position he has taken on this RFK assassination controversy.

Unfortunately, I’ve yet to see Atrios or Jane Hamsher or Digby or Josh Marshall (though at least he posted the video of Clinton’s remarks) weigh in on this controversy. I think at the very least they ought to take some kind of position.

Just my insignificant opinion, but is neutrality a virtue at this point? Maybe they’re all away for the weekend, and will post something eventually, but this is a significant event in the campaign. Why the silence? Atrios big post this morning is about mass transit, for chrissakes? (ps. Duncan, these are my views and not Booman’s so don’t blame him if I riled your feathers).


Update [2008-5-24 13:41:7 by Steven D]: Atrios has now commented on the Hillary’s RFK assassination controversy. He doesn’t think it’s that big a deal. Go read it if you wish.
Third, if you’re a Clinton delegate (pledged or super) and a person of color, or married to a person of color, or have a grandchild who is a person of color, do you really want Hillary Clinton as your candidate after this? Seriously, do you? I recommend you inform her that for “personal reasons” you can no longer support her campaign. And I’d make it real clear what those personal reasons are. I imagine it’s been bad enough for you watching her march around declaring herself the champion of poor, hard working class WHITE people over the last 2 months, but opening up the Pandora’s box of assassination talk ought to be the last insult to your integrity you should have to take from her.

Finally, a compendium (off the top of my head) for the Clinton camp’s reasons why she should be President.

She’s a fighter

She’s more experienced

She’s passed the commander-in-chief test

She’s inevitable

She has more name recognition

She’s got Bill to be her co-president

She’s got more money (well she used to have more money)

She’s running an historic campaign

She’s ready to answer the phone at 3 am

The media is against her

She’s winning the important states

She’s a shot and a beer kind of gal

She knows how to shoot a gun

She’s the only one who’s been vetted

She’s more electable

Obama’s support is only among out of touch liberal elitists and blacks

She’s for hard working class white people

She’ll obliterate Iran

She likes John McCain (okay, that’s not really a reason, but she has said he’s more prepared than Obama to be president)

She can handle the heat in the kitchen

Obama has a crazy pastor

Something could still happen to Obama to throw the nomination to her, something like what happened to RFK in June, 1968

I’m sure I forgot a few, but notice the pattern? Its all I’m the greatest, bestest candidate in the whole world, or Obama’s a stinking dead fish who should be thrown away in the trash ASAP. Not much else. Not much that’s very inspiring, or offers a vision of a new politics. Long on self promotion and short on leadership.

And that doesn’t exactly make me want to see her get within a thousand miles of the White House. Again, just my humble opinion.

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