Liz Trotta is the former New York bureau chief of The Washington Times and is a contributor for FOX News Channel.

The author of Fighting for Air: In the Trenches with Television News, Trotta was the first woman to cover a war for broadcast news.

She began her career in journalism in 1965 working for the NBC affiliate in New York and won network recognition by taking on tough assignments including covering the Vietnam War and 1984 presidential candidate, George McGovern.

Trotta has worked for Hillman Periodicals; Inter-Catholic Press Agency; Long Island Press; Chicago Tribune; Newsday; NBC and CBS. She has taught Journalism at Stern College of Yeshiva University.

The winner of three Emmy awards and two Overseas Press Club awards, Trotta is a graduate of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Here’s Liz Trotta on FOX News this morning.

For those of you that can’t play YouTubes, here is what she said:

“and now we have what … uh…some are reading as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama … [after being prompted by the FNC anchor]….well both if we could [laughing]”

I consider this to actually be a crime. Seriously. Going on television and advocating that ‘we’ kill Barack Obama if we can is a crime. Isn’t it? Any lawyers want to weigh in on this one?

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