YOU remember Larry, right…??? The supposed “ex”-CIA guy who you so dutifully defended when he ran his game on your front page for so many years?

Could it be because he’s turned into…

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Read on if you are curious, folks.

Larry’s gone all anti-Obama.

(There seems to be this tape of Michelle saying some nasty things about white people, y’see….)

Read on.

More Bad News for Michelle Obama

By Larry Johnson on May 26, 2008 at 11:07 AM in Barack Obama, Current Affairs, Michelle Obama

I know for a fact that Barack and Michelle Obama would like the tape of her blasting “whitey” during a rant at Jeremiah Wright’s church to never see the light of day. They are worried, appropriately so, about the damage this tape will inflict on the Obama campaign. They can be certain of one thing–the tape will hit the blogosphere and TV land come October if Obama is the nominee.

How do I know? I have learned from someone in touch with a senior Republican over this holiday weekend that a major McCain backer has a copy of the tape in addition to the one controlled by the Karl Rove folks. McCain’s supporters are not about to cut Hillary a break. They believe that John McCain stands a better chance of beating Barack rather than Hillary. That’s why they are holding the video. They realize showing it now would likely boost support for Hillary and erode support for Obama among the Super Delegates. Simply put, McCain wants Obama.

Then there is the angry woman problem. Here’s Michelle–living in a $1.6 million dollar home, graduate of America’s most prestigious universities, and pulling a six-figure salary–and she was not proud of the United States until Barack ran for President. Know what? The average angry, bitter white person. who is clinging to God and guns and not living in a mansion, not able to afford college, and making less than $50,000 a year, does not know what her damn problem is.

Jeff Jacoby’s column yesterday in the Boston Globe adds further insight:

In an interview on ABC, Obama growled that Republicans “should lay off my wife,” and described the inoffensive Tennessee video as “detestable,” “low class,” and reflecting “a lack of decency.”

If Republicans “think that they’re going to try to make Michelle an issue in this campaign,” he added ominously, “they should be careful.”

Ooh, very fierce. But unless Obama is prepared to emulate Jackson – Old Hickory defended his wife’s honor by fighting duels, in one of which he killed a man – he stands no chance of putting his wife’s remarks off-limits to criticism. As long as he keeps sending her around the country to campaign on his behalf, everything she says is – and should be – fair game.

And unfortunately for Obama and his allegedly sunny politics of hope, what Mrs. Obama seems to say with grim regularity is that America is a scary, bleak, and hopeless place.

Here she is, for instance, in Wisconsin:

“Life for regular folks has gotten worse over the course of my lifetime, through Republican and Democratic administrations. It hasn’t gotten much better.”

And in South Carolina:

America is “just downright mean” and “guided by fear . . . We have become a nation of struggling folks who are barely making it every day.”

Michelle needs an attitude adjustment. Americans don’t want a nattering nabob of negativism in their face for the next four years. And that will become increasingly clear as America gets to know Michelle.


Why I Believe the Michelle Obama Tape Exists

By Larry Johnson on May 26, 2008 at 1:34 PM in Current Affairs

I understand the skepticism of many about whether there actually exists a tape of Michelle Obama engaged in an anti-white rant. The lady obviously has some anger management issues–just check out her senior thesis she wrote at Princeton–but this sounds too good to be true. However, here is why I think the tape exists.

I have two friends. One is a Democrat and one is a Republican. One lives on the west coast and one lives on the east coast. They do not know each other. Yet each has spoken directly with someone who has seen the tape. In fact, I first heard about the tape from my east coast friend. I thought it was interesting but, without additional proof, not worth mentioning. Later that night I was chatting with a friend, who happens to be an Obama supporter, but is very well connected to the Washington political scene. That person told me he had heard the same thing. He also told me about a separate tape of Barack Obama during an overseas trip that also is in the hands of the McCain folks.

The clincher came when my buddy on the west coast wrote to me that he had a friend who had seen the tape. Given that there are two separate people, completely unconnected, giving the same report, I think it is reasonable to conclude that the tape exists. We shall see.

Here it comes, Booman.

The perfect storm.

And it’s your storm.

They couldn’t run this game on Hillary Clinton.

Larry’s your folks.

A spokesman for the CIA.

The so-called “liberal” wing of the Intel Org.

THEY know what’s coming. Just as do I.

How come YOU can’t figure it out?


Neener neener neener. I can’t HEAR you…!!!

NOW you don’t read Larry. Now that he “disagrees” with you.

Good work, boyo.

My congrats.

It’s your perfect storm.

Now deal with it.


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