According to DNC legal analysis, the DNC has no choice but to strip Florida and Michigan of half their delegates. There is an option to restore their delegations to full strength, but that cannot be done before the Credential Committee meets at the convention and would ultimately require a vote by the full delegation in Denver. So, let’s look at the New Math. Without Florida and Michigan, there are a total of 4,049 delegates of all types. That is why the magic number has been listed as 2,025 (the minimum for a majority. Including pledged superdelegates, Obama is now within 46 delegates of reaching that magic number. To calculate the new magic number once Florida and Michigan are included at half strength, we need to do some math.

If the DNC really means what it says, it will strip all the Florida and Michigan delegates (including superdelegates) of half their vote. That means Florida will have 105.5 delegates and Michigan will have 78.5 delegates. If we add these 184 new delegates to the 4,049 preexisting delegates, we have a total of 4,233 delegates at the convention. To get a majority, a candidate will need 2,117. It’s also possible that the DNC will cut the pledged delegates by half, but give the superdelegates full votes. If they do that, there will be 4,260.5 delegates at the convention and, in that case, 2130.5 will be the magic number.

As for how MI delegates will be apportioned, I think Poblano is correct that the best split would be 69-59 for Clinton, but halved as per DNC regulations. So, let’s give Clinton 34.5 delegates and Obama 29.5 delegates. If Florida’s results are left standing but halved, Clinton would get 52.5 delegates, Obama would get 38 delegates, and Edwards would get 2 delegates.

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