As the price of oil approaches $150 a barrel, the rationale of the Bush-Cheney cabal for going to war in Iraq becomes clearer.

The world passed the peak in oil production somewhere in 2005, according to experts.Whatever reserves are left are going to be increasingly more difficult and more expensive to extract.That,plus some speculation, accounts for this dramatic rise in prices that we are experiencing.

What men like Bush,Cheney and Rumsfeld have known for some time is that this scarcity is going to dramatically change the power equation in the world.

Following the congenital American impulse of hegemony
and predatory power, our ruling class adopted a strategy of putting down any rivals to our power, such as China,Russia,Brazil or India.

Along with this strategy of military confrontation, they also adopted a strategy of invading and holding weak,oil resource rich countries like Iraq and Iran so that their oil could be denied to any potential rivals.

This is why a War on Terrorism was invented through the stage managed pseudo event of 9/11/2001.

That laid the foundation for a never ending war against the weaker nations rich in petroleum.

That war has bipartisan support with many Democrats like Hillary Clinton,Dianne Feinstein,and others lending support to this counterfeit war.

I am not sure where Mr.Obama stands on this issue.I am sure that given the imperatives of oil demand and the political and economic pressures that he is going to feel soon, his freedom of action might be very limited.

Remember that this country does not just want access to oil,it wants total control of that oil which only hegemony will give.So, talking with Iraq or Iran or Venezuela is out of the question.We want their oil,or more accurately we need their oil and we are going to take it forcibly.

It is this knowledge that made Hillary Clinton vote for the IWR,it is also this knowledge that made her vote for the Kyl-Lieberman amendment.So, don’t be fooled by Hillary’s overtures to Obama,she is waging a guerilla war to regain the Presidency at a more opportune time and will do whatever it takes to keep herself current in the political arena.

Including pretending to be a peace loving person.

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