I can’t publish this in the Orange Zone until tomorrow, but here it is:

From Hullaballoo via FireDogLake:

Larry Sinclair is one of the most outrageous anti-Obama smear merchants. So why is the National Press Club hosting him this coming Wednesday? Apparently Jeff Gannon wasn’t available.

Sinclair’s story about having used cocaine and having sex with Obama in 1999 is not credible. As Stoller says, it’s another “whitey” style rumor and we all know how quickly this stuff makes the leap from the right wing smear machine to Sean Hannity to Fox News and then alley-oops its way into the AP.

I kid you not, but sign the petition connected with this travesty at FireDogLake:

A video has been circulating the internet showing a man, Larry Sinclair, speaking to camera making slanderous claims about Senator Barack Obama. These claims are demonstratably false, and don’t bear repeating here, or in any venue. Which is why it is shocking that the National Press Club is offering a him a spot on the national stage on June 18.

Please take a moment to ask the National Press Club to check the facts before giving Larry Sinclair a bully pulpit. Also, if you have a moment please consider calling the National Press Club at 202-662-7500, and politely but firmly petition them verbally.

Petition Text:

We call upon you, before giving Larry Sinclair a stage from which to speak to the national press, to check the viability of his story. When the facts prove his story false, you deny him a place at your podium.

Again, call them:

National Press Club
529 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20045

Front Desk

What kind of people are they getting booked into the National Press Club?  First Wright, now Sinclair.  There is a method to this madness.