All across the country, Republicans politicians are running scared regarding their electoral prospects this year. Many have chosen to retire from Congress and the Senate rather than face re-election, and quite a few are notably unenthused with their presumptive nominee, “Johnny Mac” McCain’s chances in the this Fall in the Presidential election.

One reason for Republican concerns may be the fact that George Bush has the lowest approval ratings of any President since Nixon. One of the men who helped Bush attain his record disapproval rating, was his former speech writer, Iraq War apologist and noted evangelical Christian, Michael Gerson, who is now a columnist for that left leaning rag, The Washington Post.

So what does Mr. Gerson, compassionate conservative extraordinaire and keen observer of the political scene (keen enough for Fred Hiatt in any event), suggest that Republicans do to win elections this year? Does he argue that Republicans should tout their foreign policy and national security expertise? Does he recommend the GOP promote more tax cuts for the rich? Does he urge them to call for the privatization of Social Security or public education or infrastructure repairs or — well — just about everything Government does? Does he recommend they remind voters of their “liberal” use of torture and illegal wiretapping of Americans in order to preserve our freedoms? In short, does he advocate that Republicans run on their record over the past eight years? Well, based on his advice to incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman, not exactly:

In the razor-close and nationally important Senate race in Minnesota, Republican incumbent Norm Coleman is presented with a unique political problem. Should he raise in his ads the issue of comedian Al Franken’s offensive vulgarity? […]

. . . Consider [Franken’s] article in Playboy magazine titled “Porn-O-Rama!” in which he enthuses that it is an “exciting time for pornographers and for us, the consumers of pornography.” The Internet, he explains, is a “terrific learning tool. For example, a couple of years ago, when he was 12, my son used the Internet for a sixth-grade report on bestiality. Joe was able to download some effective visual aids, which the other students in his class just loved.” Franken goes on to relate a soft-core fantasy about women providing him with sex who were trained at the “Minnesota Institute of Titology.”

Shorter Michael Gerson: When in doubt, Republican candidates should remind voters that their Democratic opponents have dirty mouths and like porn.

I guess when you got nothing positive to run on . . .

Ps. I suppose Michael Gerson hasn’t heard about John McCain’s fondness for “salty” language. By the way, please be advised the following You Tube video discussing McCain’s “word choices” when describing his own, beloved second spouse may not be safe for workplace viewing:

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