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Ok, I had a bad day yesterday.

After buying a Bluetooth phone adapter for my iPhone at the Apple store in San Francisco yesterday, I was off to buy some khakis. Since I have been loosing weight, my wife tells me I got no ass left and need some smaller pants. So I got on the bus, show the drive my MUNI pass, put it back in my wallet, put my wallet in my back pocket, buttoned the pocket (it has a “safety” flap, like a prescription pill bottle that only kids can open), and grabbed a seat. When I sat down I noticed the familiar lump in my pocket is gone! The pocket was unbuttoned and the wallet was history.

It was that fast.

When I got on the bus there were about seven 20-something males crowding the front aisle in the bus. Passengers had to push their way through to grab a seat. Passing through that throng was when I lost the wallet. The group immediately got off the bus and it was over.

They didn’t get much – $20 or $30 and a bus pass. The bank was very wonderful to deal with. They made everything easy and even brought me something to drink and guided me to the nearest police station. (Mad props to Officer Santana!)

Because of where and how they tried to use the debit cards later, the police told me this appears to be gang-related, probably MS13 by their operational pattern. That was a lot of work to get so little out of it.

But still, what a pain in the ass.

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