In the last 3 election cycles, I have made modest contributions, using ActBlue, to various persons challenging Republicans.
My first one was Adam Schiff, running against James Rogan, one of the impeachment managers.  Imagine my satisfaction when Mr. Schiff beat that turd Rogan, and became the representative of CA-29.  However, Mr. Schiff has turned into a major dissappointment, voting as a Bush Dog over and over.  Schiff most recently voted YES on FISA reauthorization.

Did you contribute to Schiff’s original campaign?  Have you reminded him that he got there by your contribution?

Here’s his campaign address:

You have to contact his office through his campaign website.

Patrick Murphy: same deal.  Patrick’s email:

Joe Sestak: same deal:  Sestak’s campaign:

Did you contribute to a Bush Dog?  Have you reminded these guys that they are in Congress partially due to your contribution?

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