The first episode of the groundbreaking new live webcast “In Their Boots” aired on Wednesday, 2 July 2008, with host Jan Bender as he explored the lives of the Babin family as they care for their wounded veteran son Alan. That premeir show was Part 1 on Alan and the Babin family, Part 2 aired this past wednesday, 7-9-08.

These webcasts will air, online, every wednesday at 4pm Pacific/5 Mountain/6 Central/7 Eastern at In Their Boots, also can be viewed at UStream TV.

You will have the opportunity to hear the stories from these servicemembers, learn about organizations that are helping, and find out how you can help as well.

These webcasts bring us into the lives of those, and their families, who have served this Nation and have been wounded in the occupations and the changes that has brought about for them. As well as introduce us, and the many returning Veterans, and their families, to some of the help that exists for them by bringing representatives of these existing groups into the conversation, Live.

Visit the “In Their Boots” main site to view, find out more about the episodes to come, you can also interact live with each episode, and to find out much more, as well as signing up for their newsletter as a reminder for the next show.

“Beating the Odds – Chapter 2”

Alan Babin
Cpl. Alan Babin Jr., a combat medic in Iraq, was running to the aid of a fellow soldier when he was hit by hostile fire. Alan took a bullet in his stomach in the midst of firefight so severe that it prevented Alan’s fellow soldiers from coming to his aid, so he lay there for three hours before help could arrive. Alan’s prognosis was grim. Army medics didn’t think he would live. Then doctors said, at best, he’d be paralyzed from the neck down. Alan underwent more than 70 surgeries, including five brain surgeries, and suffered a stroke. Since that time, with his mother, Rosie, by his side, Alan has made incredible progress, far surpassing his doctors’ expectations. Now, Alan can use his arms, he can stand, and he’s starting to move his legs–he’s even rock climbed. And with his mother’s help, he could soon be walking again some day soon.

Rosie Babin
Rosie Babin wears a lot of hats. As her daughter Christy says, “My mom’s our everything–she’s our cheerleader, our mom, our organizer.” She’s also a wife, and for many years managed an accounting firm near their home in Round Rock, Texas. Five years ago, Rosie also became her son Alan’s full-time caretaker after he was hit in the stomach by hostile fire in Iraq and became paralyzed. At that point, Rosie’s life was completely derailed. She quit her job, packed up her life, and moved near Walter Reed Medical Center where Alan was being treated. Rosie’s been by Alan’s side every since as his cheerleader, his mom, and his organizer. She’s been his everything, and because of it, Alan has far surpassed his doctor’s expectations. Rosie’s gotten him to rock climb, scuba dive, and ski. Now she’s determined to help him walk again.

Special Guests
Alan Babin
Disabled Veteran

Christy Babin
Alan’s Sister

Sandy Trombetta
National Director and Founder
VA National Winter Sports Clinic

Adrian Atizado
Assistant National Legislative Director
Disabled American Veterans

If you missed the premeir show on July 2nd:

Premeir: “Beating the Odds” – Chapter 1

Or View Here

We are proud of what we have put together and we hope that you all tune in to see this. Please let us know what you think of it as well. And if you miss any part of the episode, be sure to check it out on our site: In Their Boots. We plan on producing a new episode every Wednesday, live at 4pm Pacific.

This coming wednesday, 7-16-08, they will be airing a show called “Home Coming”

Kim Roy has spent the last fifteen months taking care of her two young boys while her husband,
Justin, was away in Afghanistan. Now he’s coming home.

Kim Roy
Kim Roy of Yelm, Washington, is an intrepid Army wife with her hands full. While her husband, Justin, is deployed in Afghanistan, she’s raising two energetic sons by herself: Danny, 2, and Maddox, less than a year old. Justin is on his second deployment. He’s been gone for 15 months and the longer he’s gone, the more Kim lives for those mid-day phone calls and instant messenger sessions with her husband. And though she’s looking forward to Justin coming home, she knows there’ll be some adjustment as he re-learns how to be a father.

Justin Roy
Army Officer Justin Roy is based in Fort Lewis, Washington. Officer Roy has been on his second deployment in Afghanistan for the past fifteen months. He’ll be returning home soon to his wife Kim and his young boys, Danny and Maddox. He’s excited to reunite with his family, but also a little nervous about re-acquainting himself with his son and assuming the father role that he’s been unable to maintain while serving in Afghanistan for over a year.

Here is a primer video of the upcoming show:

You can find a few more clips at the link directly above.

You can find a page at their site called Solutions, this gives a list of the organizations their guest are from and others as well, that the returning Veterans and their Families can contact and for others to find out and explore what they do in helping those who serve this country and need further help because of their disabilities garnered by that service.

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