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I have no problem with letting Hillary Clinton speak at the Denver convention – none at all. I was one of those people in 1992 chanting “Let Jerry Speak!” But Hillary’s convention preview far past bordering on tenacity, it screams vanity.

From the LA Times:

“Because I know from just what I’m hearing that there’s incredible pent-up desire, and I think that people want to feel like, ‘OK, it’s a catharsis, we’re here, we did it, and then everybody get behind Sen. Obama.’ That is what most people believe is the best way to go,” she said.

The former first lady did not rule out having her name placed into nomination at the convention, which will be held Aug. 25-28 in Denver. But her advisors said that was unlikely.

Clinton, who suspended her White House bid on June 7 and endorsed Obama, is expected to deliver a prime-time address to delegates on the second night of the convention.

There is not a damn thing that resembles an act of unity if Clinton allows her name to fall into nomination. It is divisive, arrogant and belligerent – that is how I have seen her entire campaign.

Remember, Obama’s delegates don’t matter.

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