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Not sure what the game plan is here. I suspect, the progressive space movement is having an effect on the Obama campaign… or Florida is beginning to shift into the “lean Obama” category in the polls. Either way it is a positive development.

From the National Examiner:

Some people, it’s said, find religion late. Some people, it’s said, find religion in a foxhole as shots are flying.

And some people, like Sen. Barack Obama, find the religion in space exploration when it’s late in the campaign season, criticisms over his anti-space views are flying, and rumors of a Democratic party split over space are gaining velocity.

The presumptive Democratic nominee took his show on the road to Florida, swinging by rural Plant City, self-proclaimed strawberry capitol of the world, for a strawberry milkshake. Then he and his entourage headed for the Kennedy Space Center area, looking for a red, white, and blue milkshake of support from space workers and their families.

Obama, who previously has called for drastic reductions in space, now apparently has seen the rocket light. After being introduced by astronaut Senator Bill Nelson, D-Fl, Obama invoked the names of Nelson and venerable multi-mission flyer Sen. John Glenn as his future space advisors.

The question now is how will the new space policy be shaped? More of the same or something breathtaking?

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