The most trusted name in news, or as the freepers like to call it the Communist News Network, has finally asked the burning question we’ve all been to scared out of our wits to bring up in polite conversation: Is Obama the Anti-Christ? No really, they did on the air:

That such a subject is even speculated about in any but the most backwards, unreconstructed segments of American society — let alone on a 24-hour cable network — is a testament (no pun intended) to the depths to which political debate has fallen. But there was the caption on CNN Friday in big bold letters: “OBAMA THE ANTICHRIST?”

Apparently a not-insignificant number of Americans, after viewing John McCain’s Web ad The One, with its Messianic overtones — come away thinking that Barack Obama has been sent from Hell to Earth to turn its citizens against God. For inspiration, some of these people seem to be drawing from the fictional Left Behind series, which posits a dystopian future where the Anti-Christ comes to Earth as a charismatic politician.

Yeah, liberal media my ass. McCain puts up an ad with the express purpose of raising this question sotto voce so all the fundamentalist Christians won’t stay home this November but will come out to vote for our Johnny Mac, and what does CNN do? They make his point for him in the most obvious fashion by devoting actual air time to a discussion of this tripe.

Then again they are the network of Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Still, can you believe this crap? I think Obama should sue CNN for an illegal in kind political contribution.

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