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The first thing that shot though my mind when I saw Hillary take the stage was the color of her pant suit. I have never seen her in something so colorful and bold. The second thought was… “hmmm, that is Daily Kos orange.”

I think the coverage for this convention is better than any of recent elections, mainly because of the Big Tent bloggers. I am getting more nitty-gritty, more insight and better analysis than I am getting elsewhere. MSNBC is OK (better with Olbermann and Maddow). CNN is totally fucking unwatchable. Fox News is easier to watch than CNN and that is saying something.

CNN can’t claim it has the best “political team in television” while showing a picture of Larry King. It is an oxymoron. CNN’s coverage is so bad, I keep hoping that Lou Dobbs would show up just so someone would say something off-script.

One of my fav things to watch is the MSNBC crowd cheering when Maddow is introduced (and loudly disagreeing with Pat Buchannan on almost everything). Sooner or later, that crowd is gonna make Pat cry.

Bloggers aren’t at that point… yet.

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