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John McCain‘s CAMPAIGN MANAGER, Rick Davis took a leave of absence — that is, he “stopped taking a salary” — from his lobbying firm in 2006… but that firm has been accepting FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS a MONTH until…

LAST MONTH. For, apparently, no reason. No work has been done by Davis’s firm on behalf of Freddie Mac since Davis “stopped drawing a salary.” John McCain and his campaign claimed as recently as TWO DAYS AGO that Rick Davis has NOTHING TO DO with Freddie Mac. Nothing. And that he has NEVER lobbied for Freddie Mac.

Why was Freddie Mac paying Rick Davis’s lobbying firm $15 THOUSAND a MONTH until 24 days ago?


No, seriously. If this is not THE NUMBER ONE STORY in the media this week, there is something VERY VERY VERY wrong with the media and with us for not MAKING them cover it as the NUMBER ONE STORY.


Connect the dots: McCain… Rick Davis… Freddie Mac… FINANCIAL APOCALYPSE… Government Bail Out.


He has two choices (aside from simply throwing his hands in the air and admitting to the American people that his campaign is a disaster and further, properly reflects what his Administration would look like): Either he throws Davis under the bus and claims total ignorance — which makes him look… totally ignorant; or they circle the wagons and McCain marches into the Valley of Death with a huge, flashing red sign over his head that says: MOST CORRUPT CANDIDATE EVER. And a tattoo on his forehead that reads: PROPERTY OF FREDDIE MAC.

Naturally, it appears the McCain campaign has opted for the latter approach. And the only thing standing between their SUCCEEDING at this outrageous tack and the whole goddamned country erupting into Watergate-sized horror at this… is the media — and us.