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Today McCain has suspended his campaign to “deal with the economic crisis.” I guess we need to say good bye to the Straight Talk Express. But no one is buying the horseshit.

From THE David Letterman:

“You don’t suspend your campaign. This doesn’t smell right. This isn’t the way a tested hero behaves.” And he joked: “I think someone’s putting something in his metamucil.”

“He can’t run the campaign because the economy is cratering? Fine, put in your second string quarterback, Sara Palin. Where is she?”

“What are you going to do if you’re elected and things get tough? Suspend being president? We’ve got a guy like that now!”

It didn’t end there. It got worse…

Then in the middle of the taping Dave got word that McCain was, in fact just down the street being interviewed by Katie Couric. Dave even cut over to the live video of the interview, and said, “Hey Senator, can I give you a ride home?”


With this stunt on top of the Palin banning of reporters, it is not shaping up as a smart move for McCain. The thing that really keep me scratching my head is why are the GOP control monkeys letting this go on? I swear, to be such a herd of control freaks, you would think they would have tossed McCain out on his ass and installed Romney as their savior.

Then again, I am more than happy to see the rotting carcass of the GOP completely implode.

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