Congress Daily reports:

Hill Leaders Say Financial Deal At Hand

UPDATED 12:45 a.m.

Negotiators shortly after midnight this morning announced they believe they have a deal on a financial rescue package, but will wait for their staffs to put it in paper before they officially sign off on it. “We should have an announcement sometime [today],” said Senate Majority Leader Reid, while Treasury Secretary Paulson said “we’ve made great progress toward a deal that will work and will be effective in the marketplace and will be effective for all Americans.” House Minority Whip Blunt, who was negotiating on behalf of House Republicans most opposed to the plan Paulson first proposed, said he also was optimistic that the deal can be closed today. More details will be posted shortly on CongressDaily’s Web site.

The Washington Post has more. It’s too early to know if the bill is worth supporting or not. The devil will be in the details.

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