It looks like McCain has another gimmick up his sleeve. Here’s what The Gun Toting Liberal wrote:

According to my “GOP-Insider buddy” (yes, I do have one of those — and boy, oh boy, these guys are packing a huge “wallop” to the Obama Camp in the next few weeks thanks to — oh, HECK, that’s all I am allowed to say at this time — more on that one at a later time — you’ll just have to stay tuned)

I think the greatest threat to Obama’s candidacy this point isn’t McCain or Palin, but some type of October Surprise. (I’d put voter fraud second, behind an October Surprise and before McCain/Palin).

Here is the question, if there is a possibility of a game changing event, is there a game plan for when that comes up? It seems that if it is a “huge wallop” there should be a quick, hard, and unified response from Obama and the blogosphere. Do we hit back with the Keating Five? What do we do?

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