In a reply to a comment that I made on Booman’s post A Kaleidoscope Vote, Booman responded by calling me a “Jacobin”.

Here is the phrase to which he was responding:

Fuck it. Whole hog plus postage. Let the goddamned thing fall and then maybe we will be able to start over clean again.

And here is my response to both his position and the position of the bailout supporters in general.

Read on if you are interested.

Or…just go turn on your TV and then go peacefully back to sleep. If you do so you will certainly be in the majority.
Jacobin, eh?. Another cant word.

What is a “Jacobin”, exactly?

From Wikipedia:

In the context of the French Revolution, a Jacobin originally meant a member of the Jacobin Club (1789-1794), but even at that time, the term Jacobins had been popularly applied to all promulgators of revolutionary opinions. In contemporary France this term refers to the concept of a centralized Republic, with power concentrated in the national government, at the expense of local or regional governments. Similarly, Jacobinist educational policy, which influenced modern France well into the 20th Century, sought to stamp out French minority languages that it considered reactionary, such as Breton, Basque, Catalan, Occitan, Alsatian, Franco-Provençal and Dutch (West Flemish).


That’s me alright.

What bullshit. The degradation of the use of the English language is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of modern American culture.

I am not a “Jacobin”, Booman. I am not even a revolutionary as that word is most often used. I am simply observing the root cause of the ongoing collapse of the United States and proferring the only solution that I can see.

Cold turkey.

Why cold turkey?

Because credit has become an addiction here in America. Up and down the system, from the largest institutions (government, the corporate world) right on down through to the individual.

I posted something here a week ago called Cold Turkey Or Reheated, Microwaved Big (Freddie + Fannie) Mac?. As is most often the case here on the middle class leftiness blogs with something that posits a difficult solution…one that might deprive cosseted white bourgeois lefties of some of their cherished luxuries…it sank off of the list like an anvil dropped into a vat of tepid jello.

In it I wrote (among other things):

I am now hearing endless blather from incompetent hustlers about how we must “…preserve the credit system of this great nation or we face disaster!!! Without credit, no one will be able to get loans to start businesses that run at a loss!!!”

Or something like that.

The usury-based American business model is in a shambles. “Credit” is an addiction. Big credit or little credit. Just like your next door neighbor who was too fucking stupid and/or too fucking strung out not to borrow more than he can pay …or just like yourself, God and Mammon help you…so have the corps made the same, weak set of errors.

This sort of information is not exactly news y’know.

Wake the fuck UP!!!


Stopgap measures…although it’s about 1000 to 1 that stopgaps are all we that are going to see until a real economic hard rain cames pissing and pelting at our doors…stopgap measures ain’t gonna work.

Just like American Big Pharma medicine, they will only mask the symptoms while simultaneously further damaging the organs of the society that are supposed to clean its system. And if Obama wants to be elected…always supposing, of course, that he is aware of this problem…he can’t do shit about it. About the buyout. Errr…I mean bailout. Why? Because as soon as he says word ONE about anything even remotely resembling a cold turkey solution, the media favor that he has so assiduously and successfully cultivated WILL BE GONE IN ONE MASSIVELY SPONSORED MOMENT.

Bet on it.

So it’s clomp clomp clomp we go, into the valley of economic death and may God have mercy upon our souls and upon our bank accounts as well.

Have fun…

I will.


Because I have so little to lose.


Lucky me!!!




Lucky me.

What’s in YOUR wallet, Booman?

I do not use that advertising lick lightly. Have you noticed how many of the recently collapsed financial boondoggle corps were the ones with such cute little advertising campaigns?

WaMu, Wachovia, AIG?

I cannot WAIT for those lizards at Geico and “What’s in YOUR wallet?” Capitol One to fall.

Hype runs the usury business, Booman, and those who are too fucking media-hypnotized to see the essential falsehoods behind the entire system resort to the devolved use of language…like that lame  “Jacobin” meme…to protect their precious sleep from a ude but inevitable awakening by the simple ABCs of mathematical reality.

You cannot borrow more than you can pay back.


Not forever.

Either you go broke trying to pay it back or the entity from which you borrow goes broke when you cannot pay it back. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and then from Marvin to pay Peter and then from KillBill Corp. to pay Marvin and Peter and Paul and then from China to pay back all four of them simply is not going to work, and the sooner that we realize this simple fact, declare some form of large scale bankruptcy and go on about the business of recovery the better off we will be.

It’s simple math, Booman, and the pronouncements of all the little economics professor hustlers in the world cannot defeat the fact that 1+2+3 does not equal 17.

Sorry, but there it is.

It’s not even about “Let it all fall and fuck the motherfuckers!!!”,  Booman. I feel people’s pain at this hard reality. Hell, to some degree I share it, although I am no longer very much invested in the corporate usury scam. My business is so tied to economic conditions that you could chart my earnings over the past 30 years, place that chart over the ups and downs of our national economy and it they would match each other on a week to week and even day to day basis. I feel it every day that something happens. In my wallet. People don’t go out to listen to live music…which is how I make about 85% of my meager monies…when they are scared. When 9/11 hit NY, I simply didn’t work much for almost a year and a half. Why? No one felt much like celebrating. So it goes. I got a lot of writing and practicing done.


My royal Celtic ass!!!

Just a hard working, 14th generation American, hoping that we will once again manage to get back down to our economic and cultural roots.

Do your job; collect your pay; buy what you need and go about your fucking business.

Simple, eh?




We did it after the bust of 1929 and here it are, about 80 years later. Same game, only bigger.

MUCH bigger.

Can we do it again?

We shall soon see.

Bet on it.



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