Thought folks might enjoy this, wether a Dylan fan or not, some good stuff and a free listen as well as downloads

It comes from the NPR Music Notes – All Songs Considered newsletter and site.

Exclusive Preview: Bob Dylan’s ‘Tell Tale Signs’, September 30, 2008

For the legions of fans who still can’t get enough, Dylan’s longtime label (Columbia Records) has been releasing a series of “bootleg” CDs from the singer — a vast collection of rare recordings and outtakes spanning five decades. The series began in 1991 with the first three bootleg volumes, covering the first 30 years of Dylan’s career. Now, 17 years later, Columbia is about to release the eighth volume. Tell Tale Signs covers Dylan’s past 20 years, a period that produced the albums Time Out of Mind, Love and Theft, Modern Times and Oh Mercy. Tell Tale Signs offers a rare glimpse into Dylan’s creative process, with alternate takes that show the evolution of his work, as his songs take shape lyrically and musically.

You can also visit this NPR blog post All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen remembers the original Bob Dylan bootlegs.

And use the following two links to listen in to the Dylan Bootleg Cuts, they bring up the NRP Player:

Hear Disc One of ‘Tell Tale Signs’

Hear Disc Two of ‘Tell Tale Signs’

Haven’t listened to any Dylan songs in awhile and the two links above give some great listening pleasure.

Stop over to Dylan’s Web site for a visit with an old friend as well.

And you can visit the next link for another show of:

NPR’s All Songs Considered, did a show on September 22, 2008 of the Fall Music Preview covering the Dylan bootlegs as well as other artists releases with reviewers, visit the site to listen to the show.

And an added treat, some of you know about Tom Chelston of Tom Songs a young ex-marine medic, some may not, Well Tom sent out an e-mail with an announcement and a few links, the announcement was:

I was invited to record my interpretation of Willie Nelson’s Peaceful Solution and I added a video as well.

The link takes you Willies Peace Research Institute site page, where you can find Toms’ Video and much more. But I’m bringing the Video, with song, to you here:

A Peaceful Solution Tom Chelston

You can visit Toms’ site, linked above, for some great sounds as well as video productions and more, or you can visit the Tom Songs YouTube site

Enjoy all the above!!

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