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Last night’s debate was a huge loss and campaign mess for the McCain camp. McCain clearly lost the debate, even Fox News agrees to this. McCain lost readers and Free Republicers – his core wingnuts.

But more importantly McCain displayed his internal racial hatred for African Americans.

Last night when he was asked a question by a member of the audience, McCain would turn and face them, in fact, he would get right in front of them and engage the questioner one-on-one. He even shook the hand of one man. This is true unless you were Black.

When Blacks asked the question, McCain treated each one with disrespect. He called one Black gentleman the wrong name, he was condescending to another in reference to Fannie Mae and then there was Ingrid. Ingrid, a Black woman, asked McCain a question on how he would get Congress moving fast to on environmental issues. McCain didn’t look her in the eye, he turned his back to her and started chatting with a white guy.

This is more evidence of what I call McCain’s Folksy Racism, they are non-verbal cues, body language that belies the true feelings of an individual. He embraces the White folks and ignores the Blacks.

Probably the thing that makes him the most angry is that he cannot ignore Obama.

Lastly, I found it remarkable that McCain left the debate floor within seconds of the end of the debate, the Obamas, hung-out and shook hands and took pictures with the audience. This went on for awhile… and the news outlets let the cameras roll.

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