Note – around 3 hours after I posted this, I received a “reply” from one of the people I reference in the diary below. I have copied his email to me verbatim to show you the lunacy of some people (not to mention the idiocy as they try to use big words for insults and get them very very wrong. Enjoy.


I’m sure we all have gotten more than our share of them. You know – the emails that are debunked by snopes or a source document or even “are you kidding me with that crap?” – whether they are about Obama’s tax plan, his airplane logo, snippets taken out of context or just flat out lies.

I’ve gotten them for the past year or two – from at least 5 or 6 regular sources. And they all come with the same “you secretly would be happy if we were attacked again” (that one was ON 9/11 this year) or ”you are a Jew in name only and secretly hate Israel” or the classic fall back ”socialist/leftist/communist/terrorist sympathizer” comments attached to “sources” that are meaningless – pretty much always without any reply or rebuttal to any factchecking or statement that I make in response.

Sure, it was annoying trying to apply facts and reason to what was little more than me debating someone who just wanted to lash out and was way out of their league. But, especially when it was part of a larger email list, I figured that maybe, maybe, someone on the list may read through the exchange and click the links.

But a funny thing has happened over the past couple of weeks – as Obama opened up a larger and larger lead – a lead so big (for now) in both the popular vote and the electoral vote that even the corporate media and the rightists can’t deny it.

The emails have stopped. Completely.

Not one forwarded article from such luminaries at “The American Thinker” or the “National Review” or “Newsmax”. Not one video of half truths (at best). Not one reply to any email chain that was going back and forth.


And this is from a number of people who would send 2, 3, 10 emails every day to me (and to a few others). Was I taken off their email distribution list because I dared to reply every time with facts and support as well as holding them accountable for their lack of support for wild generalizations? Possibly, but some of them have no relation to the others, and were quite aggressive in their emails.

More likely, the emails have stopped because there is nothing more they can do at this point except whine and squeal like stuck pigs. They can’t seriously defend Palin (as one tried to say that even Katie Couric was harsh on her to which I asked if she couldn’t even handle Couric then how could she handle al Qaeda). They can’t defend McCain. They can’t attack Obama for anything that either Palin or McCain is either just as guilty or more guilty of.

Sure, this was the case all along, but it is more prevalent now. Are they demoralized? Who knows – but I would think that their spirits aren’t that high right about now. Their hatred of Obama is generally on a different level than ours for Bush or Cheney – at least ours is based on their actions and words, where there is just an almost irrational hatred for Obama for non-tangible reasons that are usually accompanied by bogus “proof” of who knows what.

And the realization that this man is wildly popular, articulate (unlike their candidate) and may very well crush their party in a few weeks has got to, well, suck big time for them.

Who knows if this will continue or if it will get worse again over the next few weeks. Either there will be more emails that we can mock or there won’t. But there is a certain element of “tail between their legs” right now, and after all of the personal attacks they have made, I have to say that it is both funny and highly satisfying.

Not nearly as satisfying as the very short email that I plan to send to them all on November 5. One that is short and to the point:

Dear wingnut:

Suck it.

From the bottom of my heart,


After the past 8 years and their smug intolerant hate that we had to endure, that is about the nicest thing that I can think of to sum up my thoughts. And as long as things continue the way they have, I don’t think I will be hearing from my formerly loud and outlandish wingnut brethren anytime soon.


Here is the text of the email from one that replies to my diaries every so often:

Dear ignorant psycho,

When you fake your Jewish faith tonight and tomorrow, remember that God spits on you and your family for the heathen efforts you are propagating. He knows that you and your family will be in hell for your sins today.

We already know that you have a history of being a scumbag in your personal life, so why not extend it to your public life.

I can understand blacks blindly following their own kind and ignorant Hollywood uneducated morons thinking what a great toy this will be.

But for a Jew to support this man regardless of his politics shows a complete lack of intelligence and guts which is not forgivable.

I was working with a Jewish organization connected to the GOP and McCain. The only reason this black bastard is going to win is that McCain did not do what was necessary a month ago. It was McCain’s obligation (since the media abandoned their professional obligation) to expose Obama so people knew the kind of man they were considering. He refused to do that and he clamped down on us from using Jeremiah Wright. We needed a candidate willing to fight with brass knuckles (like Obama) and not with Marques of Kingsbury rules.

The bad news is that Obama will make the Carter economic and foreign policy years look like a utopia as he plunges us into a very long term deep recession or even depression.

The good news is prior to an Obama inauguration, Israel has already been given the green light to have strategic strikes inside Iran so that they can but themselves at least another 4 years before Iran has another chance to threaten them. At least Israelis have enough common sense to recognize what a threat and danger Obama is, which is more than can be said for American Jews voting for him.

From the bottom of my heart I can only wish the worst for you.

My reply: “eat it, hypocrite. Truth hurts, eh?”

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