just saw this post on Future Majority:

CIRCLE: Definitive Youth Turnout and Demographic Stats from 2000, 2004, and 2008

today, CIRCLE also released a fact sheet providing the definitive data on youth turnout in 2000 and 2004, and youth demographic data for 2008. The page also links to an interactive flash map that breaks the youth vote turnout data down on a state by state basis.

some basic data:

please click through for a much more detailed look at youth voting in the prior races, but first, a question:  What do you think will happen with turnout this year and why?
I haven’t put much time or discussion into it yet, but my first guess is that youth turnout will be up across the board, but with a net gain on the Dem side.  Thirty and older will be stable, but a further look will show the younger end of the thirty-plus group up again with a net gain on the Dem side, while the older end of the group will be down, with a net loss on the GOP side.

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