The Director of Montgomery County’s Voter Services in Pennsylvania, Joseph R. Passarella, readily admits he is not prepared to comply with the order of a Federal Court to provide paper ballots to voters if electronic voting machines break down, despite a history of problems with the electronic voting machines in Pennsylvania and an expected record turnout at the polls this year.

[O]fficials do not have any concrete compliance plan in place at this time.

“We are just going to have to train on the fly,” said county voter services Director Joseph R. Passarella, noting that all but one of the county’s 18 poll worker training classes have been completed.

Simply placing a letter with detailed instructions on how to handle the situation in each poll’s box of Election Day supplies “would only cause more confusion,” said Passarella.

Also, there is no time to print additional individualized emergency ballots for each of the county’s 418 polling places, according to Passarella.

Even if there was time, all of the supply boxes for each poll “are packed and ready to go,” he said.

And you wonder why we have such crappy elections, ones which invite fraud, long lines and voter suppression. Just look at the incompetent and/or corrupt local officials who run our elections all across the country as if they were feudal barons subject to no law but their own whims. Isn’t it about time we had a single procedure in place across the country to insure that every vote was counted on paper ballots? It seems to work in Canada just fine. So why do we insist on having electronic voting machines that are prone to break down and consistently flip votes from one party’s candidates (Democratic) to the other party’s candidates (Republican) purchased from and operated by companies with deep ties to the Republican party?*

*Another rhetorical question, my friends.

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