Nero Bush creates monuments to the military war heroes. No, not this war, one that’s been over for more than 60 years! Yea Bush!

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush on Friday established a World War II monument dedicated to those who fought in the Pacific.

The World War II Valor in Pacific National Monument will encompass nine sites, five in Hawaii, three in Alaska and one in California at the Tule Lake Segregation Center, where thousands of Japanese-Americans were detained after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

“The purpose of the monument is to remind generations of Americans of the sacrifices that Americans made to protect our country. But there’s a broader purpose as well and that is to remind generations of Americans about the transformative effect of freedom,” Bush said in brief remarks in

Meanwhile, for all those who are reluctant to bail out the US automakers just like Emperor Nero President Bush because you see them as failed enterprises, one of the last large manufacturing concerns left in the United States of America, here’s some news about a project we’ve been spending at least $10 BILLION per year for every year that Bush has been in office, a project that has yet to prove it can actually work under realistic conditions. What am I talking about? Missile Defense! Another vital part of Bush’s wonderful world of great accomplishments that will someday make up a wall at his Presidential Library, no doubt.


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. military is set to run a “realistic” test Friday of a system built to knock out long-range missiles that could be fired by North Korea or Iran, the Pentagon said.

Just an aside, but I love the way the AP highlights the fact that previous tests of the missile defense system (and possibly this one, too) have been rigged for success (and even then many have failed!) by its insightful use of quotation marks around the word realistic. But enough interruptions by your faithful narrator. Anon!

The drill, over the Pacific, will be the first since September 2007 involving an attempted intercept by the sole U.S. shield against long-range ballistic missiles. […]

“Target is representative of the type we would expect from a country like North Korea or Iran,” said Richard Lehner, a spokesman for the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency.

“It is also realistic in terms of distance involved, trajectory, speed and timeframe, i.e., about 30 minute flight of threat missile,” he said in an emailed reply to Reuters.

President George W. Bush has been spending roughly $10 billion a year on all aspects of missile defense, the Pentagon’s costliest annual outlay for an arms development program. […]

Thomas Christie, the Pentagon’s chief weapons tester for four years starting in 2001, said the stakes were high at a time when the U.S. defense budget could be constrained by U.S. economic problems.

“They have to have a success or the program is in deep trouble, both with Congress and the new administration,” he said.

Victoria Samson, an expert on missile defense at the private Center for Defense Information, said that, even if the test succeeded on Friday, it did not prove the United States had an effective or reliable shield.

“It has a long way to go before we could depend on it to work in a non-test environment,” she said. […]

Testing problems led the Missile Defense Agency to shift the focus of the last major GMD test on July 18. Rather than go for the originally planed intercept, it was tweaked to test integration of sensors. The delay followed discovery of a soldering glitch in L-3 Communications Holdings Inc telemetry equipment aboard the “kill vehicle” used to collide with the target.

So, which would you rather throw money at? (A) Wall Street and Bankers who, when the heavy hand of regulation was taken off their backs, lost Trillions of Dollars and crashed the global economy virtually by themselves? (B) Greedy Defense contractors prone to cost overruns on a project that has never worked after decades of government money being thrown at the problem? Or (C) the American automobile industry which at least has a track record of success the last time we had to bail it out.

If you voted for (A) and/or (B) then congratulations! You might be able to get a job working as a janitor at the George W. Bush Presidential Library! That’s one project W’s wealthy friends will ensure gets built.

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