Senator Corker is preaching blatant union bashing. Let Corker take a massive pay cut this year. Where is his sacrifice? I’m sick of watching these well heeled oligarchs dictate to blue collar workers. Corker lives in a socialist world, his salary paid purely from taxes. He is not self-aware except possibly for some amount of shallow narcissism. He asks from the workers first while preserving incompetent management and the rich. He worships foreign auto manufacturers and wants to emulate their low wage low benefit ideology.

    I’m calling you out Corker. Where is your empathy for the average worker? Why do you shake your head and worry about a man making a decent wage? Corker, you shortsighted buffoon, our standard of living is disappearing. Squeezing the lower classes for the benefit of the plutocracy is not the answer. Before the Russian revolution the czar thought like you. If you want to lose elections for another hundred years keep your foot on the neck of the average American. Corker your an anachronism. Your a fool playing a game which has been replaced by a reality that your ill equipped to comprehend. Your foolishness and hatred toward your fellow citizens has done possibly irreparable damage to our economy.
    Corker go home and leave our families alone. Let us figure a rational way out of this crisis. A crisis created by you and your like thinking, evil oligarchs. The Waltons may be proud of you but we have lost our patience. We are the people of the United States. The citizen voters that lie beneath.

“We have always known that heedless self-interest was bad morals; now we know that it is bad economics;”– – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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